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Lancashire's Danielle Ashton leads the England Youth Team in the opening ceremony for the Youth Europe Cup in Denmark Today 8th July 2015.


Lancashire Darts Organisation, would like to make the following statement, today Mrs Irene Mungins pleaded guilty to fraudulently withdrawing funds from Lancashire Darts account today at Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square in Court 2. Mrs Mungins will re-appear for sentencing on 23rd July.

This process has taken nearly three years to come to court. It is a very sad day not only for Mrs Mungins who was given the trust of not only the members but the committee she worked with so closely over many years, but for Lancashire Darts itself. We were nearly put out of business by Mrs Mungins actions and this could have affected players of the future progressing their careers, never mind the good name in the Darts community of Lancashire Darts Organisation. Whatever punishment she receives will never compensate for the damage she by her irresponsible actions has caused to us all.

I would like to thank all our members who have supported the committee; Further, I would like to thank the committee who at times have come under unjust scrutiny and to a man or women remained part of the organisation. We would like to thank Greater Manchester Police and in particular the officers of the force who have spent many hundreds of hours building a case against Mrs Mungins identifying this financial fraud. I would like to thank three people involved who did an audit on the Lancashire Accounts and the bank statements over a period of some 7 years to identify, this financial fraud, and the assistance they gave to the police in making themselves available personally at Swinton Police Station on many occassions.

Finally I would like to make a special mention to our Secretary Dave Marcroft, who came into this situation very late on in the events which led to the realisation of this fraud, and could have easily walked away, but worked tirelessly to assist with all enquiries.

We are now able to deal with other issues that this conviction will open up for us, to legally seek financial redress for our losses.

Tommy Thompson
Chairman Lancashire Darts Organisation

End of statement 11.17am on 30th June 2015

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